First Call for Papers

GCB 2009: German Conference on Bioinformatics

Halle (Saale), 28-30 September 2009

The German Conference on Bioinformatics is an annual, international conference devoted to all topics in bioinformatics. Its tradition reaches back to 1985, and recent conferences have attracted around 250 participants from all over the world.

The 2009 conference is organised by the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben, and the Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB) Halle.

GCB 2009 invites the submission of papers on all aspects of bioinformatics. This year's conference particularly invites papers applying bioinformatics approaches to the field of plant science.

Areas of interest

Areas of interest include:
- Sequence Analysis and Comparative Genomics
- Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, and Proteomics
- Metabolic and Regulatory Networks
- Systems Biology
- Structural Bioinformatics
- Quantitative Genetics
- Small non-coding RNAs
- High-throughput Sequencing Data
- Phylogeny
- Image Analysis

The focus is not limited to specific computational techniques or biological applications.

The annual German Conference on Bioinformatics is organized on behalf of the Special Interest Group on Informatics in Biology of the German Society of Computer Science (GI) in cooperation with the German Society of Chemical Technique and Biotechnology (Dechema).

Invited Speakers

- Ewan Birney, European Bioinformatics Institute
- David Fell, Oxford Brookes University
- Andreas Graner, IPK Gatersleben
- Theo van Hintum, Centre for Genetic Resources, Wageningen
- Svante Pääbo, MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
- Ulrich Schurr, Forschungszentrum Jülich

Key Dates

- Submission of papers: May 17, 2009 - extended to May 24, 2009
  NOTE: Abstracts must be submitted by May 19th, 12:00 noon (CEST), updates are possible until May 24th.
- Notification of acceptance: June 29, 2009
- Final version due: July 20, 2009
- Poster abstract submission: August 9, 2009
- Early registration deadline: August 21, 2009
- GCB 2009: September 28-30, 2009

The GCB invites submissions of the following types

Papers: Papers should have up to ten pages and will be published in the conference proceedings (published in the "Lecture Notes in Informatics" series of the Gesellschaft für Informatik). Submissions will be judged by quality, originality, and relevance.

Short Papers: Short Papers should report on recent biological findings, new computational methods, or new software tools. They should be submitted as an abstract of at most four pages (including references) and will be judged by the importance and novelty of the findings and relevance to the conference audience. Selected Short Papers will be chosen for oral presentation at GCB. Short Papers will appear in a separate abstract book.

Poster Abstracts: Posters should present recent scientific work in any of the areas specified above. Poster abstracts should not exceed 300 words in length including references. Abstracts of accepted posters will be published in a separate abstract book.
Format: a maximum of 115 cm (width) and 130 cm (height)

Submissions will only be accepted electronically. Submission will open in April 2009.

Local Organizers

- Stefan Posch (MLU Halle)
- Ivo Grosse (MLU Halle)
- Falk Schreiber (IPK Gatersleben)
- Steffen Neumann (IPB Halle)

Programme Committee

Peter Stadler, Leipzig (Programme chair)

- Rolf Backofen, Freiburg
- Sebastian Böcker, Jena
- Thomas Dandekar, Würzburg
- Dirk Drasdo, Paris
- Dmitrij Frishman, Munich
- Georg Fuellen, Rostock
- Robert Giegerich, Bielefeld
- Jan Gorodkin, Copenhagen
- Ivo Grosse, Halle
- Arndt von Haeseler, Vienna
- Ivo Hofacker, Vienna
- Dirk Holste, Vienna
- Janet Kelso, Leipzig
- Ina Koch Berlin
- Oliver Kohlbacher, Tübingen
- Jan Korbel, New Haven
- Hans-Peter Lenhof, Saarbrücken
- Jens Léon, Bonn
- David Marshall, Dundee
- Irmtraud Meyer, Vancouver
- Burkhard Morgenstern, Göttingen
- Axel Mosig, Shanghai
- Vince Moulton, Norwich
- Steffen Neumann, Halle
- Sascha Ott, Warwick
- Yves van de Peer, Ghent
- Stefan Posch, Halle
- Stephen Rudd, Turku
- Uwe Scholz Gatersleben
- Dietmar Schomburg, Braunschweig
- Falk Schreiber, Halle/Gatersleben
- Michael Schröder, Dresden
- Stefan Schuster, Jena
- Joachim Selbig, Potsdam
- Korbinian Strimmer, Leipzig
- Andrew Torda, Hamburg
- Martin Vingron, Berlin
- Bernd Weisshaar, Bielefeld
- Edgar Wingender, Göttingen
- Ralf Zimmer, Munich


The conference venue of GCB 2009 will be the "Audimax" and the "Löwengebäude" on the historic "Universitätsplatz" located at the centre of Halle (Saale).

Contact Details

Kathleen Kletsch
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg
Faculty of Natural Sciences III
Institute of Computer Science
06099 Halle
Phone: +49 (0)345 55 24754
Fax: +49 (0)345 55 27039

Further Information

Supporting Scientific Institutions

- DECHEMA Gesellschaft für Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.
- GBM, Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie e.V.
- GI Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.