GCB Satellite Workshop: Data Analysis in Systems Biology

In conjunction with GCB 2009 the satellite workshop will take place at the Institute of Computer Science, Von-Seckendorff-Platz 1. It is arranged by the "Arbeitsausschuss Bioinformatik" and the "Arbeitskreis Systembiologie" of Dechema.


Thursday, October 1st: GCB Satellite Workshop
Location: Seminar Room 5.09, Institute of Computer Science, von-Seckendorff-Platz 1
09:00 Introduction
09:05 M. Vingron, Berlin: Transcription factor affinity prediction: methods, statistics, and delineation of tissue specific binding sites
09:40 S. Bergmann, Lausanne: A Modular Approach for Integrative Analysis of Large-scale Gene-expression and Drug-Response Data
10:15 S. Klamt, Magdeburg: Causal modeling of cellular signaling networks: Concepts, algorithms and applications
10:50 Break
11:35 T. Höfer, Heidelberg: Two waves of T-bet: Mammalian gene networks and mathematical models
12:10 Ralf Takors, Stuttgart: Systems Biology - Aiming at Autonomous Models for Pro- and Eukaryotic Cells
12:45 A. Schuppert, Leverkusen: From -omics to clinics — the key challenge for systems biology
13:20 Lunch break
14:30 Discussion
15:30 Brief separate meetings of the DECHEMA working groups on bioinformatics and systems and sythetic biology (Rooms 1.02 and 1.03)
16:30 Closing